Rubio Cañon

Land & Water Association

How is Water Treated

Our water goes through a multi-phase treatment process as we bring it from the source to you. 
  • Pre-Treatment and Disinfection: Chemical Addition Chlorine, Aluminum Sulfate (Alum), and Polymers are added to the water through a chemical injection mixer. These chemicals kill germs and improve the treatment process.
  • Coagulation & Flocculation: The water is mixed rapidly to distribute the chemicals and then sent to a floc/sedimentation basin. The chemicals bond to impurities in the water (a process called coagulation) and form large particles called floc.
  • Sedimentation: Floc particles settle at the bottom of the basin and are then removed to a sludge basin.
  • Filtration: Water then flows into the filter beds where layers of anthracite (coal), sand and gravel remove any remaining impurities in the water

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