Rubio Cañon

Land & Water Association

Where Ours Comes From

Our Water, From the Finest Source

RCLWA provides potable drinking water via groundwater wells, a conventional treatment plant and from an imported source. The imported source water is obtained from Foothill Municipal Water District, a member agency of Metropolitan Water District of Southern California. Between the months of November through April, we do not operate our wells. We import water almost exclusively during this period because imported water is readily available from Foothill Municipal Water District during the winter months. The remaining months we operate our wells as the primary source of potable drinking water.
RCLWA’s treatment plant treats water that is acquired from the local foothill area, specifically, Rubio Canyon. The canyon water is supplied through a shallow shaft (Well #3), the Rubio stream and Carter Tunnel. This water is collected and put through a treatment process that removes contaminants and produces potable drinking water. From the treatment plant the treated water is delivered to the canyon reservoir and then goes directly to the gravity-fed distribution system to our shareholders.

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